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“The better the education, the better the compliance.”

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Substantial Compliance Training Environment

Consultants and regulatory specialists with vast combined experience in the Adult Care Facility/Assisted Living Industry have developed this training environment to provide readily available, on-demand access to these specialized programs.

Aiming to Improve Compliance

New York State’s comprehensive regulations provide the framework for best practices and standards of care for the residents living in Adult Care Facilities/Assisted Living Facilities. Understanding these regulations is essential to providing quality care and fostering the health and well-being of the residents.

New York State regulations and guidance evolve periodically to meet the changing needs of the industry. This often makes it challenging for facilities to ensure their training programs remain current with these changes. Additionally, facilities experience consistently evolving staffing which creates a demand for current and comprehensive training to ensure staff members are knowledgeable and competent.

We strive to assist facilities with these challenges by developing comprehensible training programs that are flexible and readily accessible.

Education is Key

It is from this realization that the Substantial Compliance Training Environment was founded. Our team’s mission is to provide readily accessible, specialized training programs that serve to educate and empower all levels of staff and team members in the Assisted Living Industry.

Our Course Mentors’ industry-specific experience affords us the ability to offer support to facilities by providing impactful training and education.

About our Course Mentors

Kathy Sindoni and Jayne Perry are RN consultants and regulatory specialists who work and reside in New York State. Their expertise is in the field of Adult Care Facilities/Assisted Living Facilities, in which they have a vast combined experience working as Registered Nurses, Case Managers, and Administrators.

Frank Rose is also an industry consultant who has many years of experience with the NYS Department of Health and Social Services. His nearly 30 years of expertise gives him a vast knowledge and understanding of the regulatory side of the Adult Care Facility and Assisted Living Facility Industry. Additionally he is a Licensed Master Social Worker in the State of New York and member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, making him a valuable asset to our course creation team.

Kathy A. Sindoni, RN, BSN, CLNC

Kathy A. Sindoni, RN, BSN, CLNC

Course Mentor | Substantial Compliance Training Environment

Kathy has been licensed as a Registered Nurse since 1993. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through Mansfield University and Robert Packer Hospital in Pennsylvania. She has been professionally engaged in the Assisted Living Industry since 2001. Kathy served as the Administrator and Case Manager at Bridges Cornell Heights, in Ithaca, New York from 2005-2013. During that tenure, Kathy assisted in establishing the first licensed Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) in New York State.

Kathy is the Owner and Chief Consultant of Substantial Compliance Consulting Group, LLC. Substantial Compliance provides experienced and professional consultation for the Assisted Living Industry which includes a variety of services, such as licensure applications, program assessment and development, regulatory compliance guidance, staff education and development, case management, quality assurance and improvement, QA program development, policy and procedure development, resident care program development and improvement, and assistance with Plans of Correction and Inspection Review Process (IRP) application and execution.

Kathy is an active Industry Partner of the Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) and serves on the Assisted Living Services Committee which acts as an advisory panel to ESAAL’s board of directors. The committee assists in developing assisted living policy, regulatory compliance and quality assurance measures to assist Operators of Adult Care Facilities and Assisted Living Residences. The committee also advocates on behalf of the industry with the NYSDOH.  Kathy also serves as a member of the CarkingKind Program Committee.  CaringKind is New York City’s leading expert on Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving. CaringKind has over 40 years of experience and works directly with community partners to develop the information, tools and training to support individuals and families affected by dementia.

Kathy has been a presenter on multiple occasions at the annual ESAAL conferences on a variety of industry related topics. Additionally, Kathy serves on the Assisted Living Program Committee which also serves as an advisory panel to ESAAL’s board of directors and is also currently serving as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for ESAAL as funded in part with Emergency Preparedness Grant Funding issued through NYS DOH Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (OHEP) and NYCDOHMH (Feb 2015-Present).

Kathy is also a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and has maintained that certification since 2010. As a CLNC, Kathy works with attorneys, law firms, and insurance companies on the medical aspects of their cases. CLNC’s serve as either testifying or consulting experts and provide a variety of services such as medical/healthcare record interpretation, case screening for merit, identification of adherence to and deviations from standards of care, development of chronologies, summary reports, authoritative medical and/or nursing research, identification of tampering, preparation for and assistance with depositions and interrogatories, preparing demonstrative evidence, preparing witnesses, as well as many other services. Additionally, CLNC’s often serve as testifying experts, offering authoritative guidance and testimony in their field of expertise.

Jayne Perry

Jayne Perry

Course Mentor | Substantial Compliance Training Environment

Jayne has been a registered nurse for 39 years.  She completed her studies at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital School of Nursing, Utica, NY, and has furthered her education over the years by completing courses through Excelsior College, Albany, NY.

Jayne has served in various professional leadership and management roles throughout her nursing career, including Long Term Care (LTC) Infection Control and Prevention RN; LTC Manager; Assisted Living Director of Patient Care Services; and Assisted Living Administrator in a 120-bed residence, licensed as an Adult Home/Assisted Living Facility with an Assisted Living Program (ALP) and Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) Program.  Jayne was also responsible for oversight of the Licensed Home Care Service Agency (LHCSA) that served the ALP population and has experience in completing the UAS-NY Community Assessments.

Jayne’s passion and desire are to educate and train on NYS Regulations and best practices in standards of care for residents residing in Adult Care Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.  She is the owner of  LRE Consulting, LLC, and regularly partners with RFR Consulting Group, Inc. and SCCG, LLC (Substantial Compliance Consulting Group).

Jayne is an industry partner with Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) and serves as a member of the Assisted Living Program Committee.  She enjoys presenting at the ESAAL Annual Conference on pertinent industry topics.  Jayne also serves her community as an American Heart Association Basic Life Support and First Aid Instructor.

Frank Rose, MSW

Frank Rose, MSW

Course Mentor | Substantial Compliance Training Environment

Frank Rose has been a professional industry consultant throughout New York State since 2008 with RFR Consulting Group, Inc.  Before creating RFR, Frank worked for more than 27 years with the New York State Departments of Health and Social Services as the Director of the Bureau of Policy and Standards and Director of the Bureau of Surveillance and Enforcement for Adult Care Facilities and Assisted Living.  As an RFR Consultant, he brings his expertise as a specialist in adult residential care policy, statute, regulation, surveillance and training, to providers and professional associations.  He conducts operational and quality reviews, mock surveys and other survey preparedness and post-survey activities including development of policy and procedures, deficiency correction, mentoring and training of key personnel and staff, targeted review and training on specific service areas or operational issues and application preparation.  He has provided expert witness services to operators and attorneys and been a member of various NYS DOH and provider association work groups.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is certified by New York State as a Licensed Master Social Worker and is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers.

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